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Time For A Change
Disclaimer: Mattel owns the Barbie doll line.
Time For A Change
By Jennifer Collins
Ken Carson rummaged through his tiny dorm room closet, searching for something to wear to work that didn't remind him of his ex. Lately, the student center was the only place where people came to ask him about things other than Barbie. It had been weeks since their breakup, but it still seemed like that's all anyone talked about.
He pulled a light gray hoodie off its hanger and proceeded to put it on over his head. He stopped mid-pull when he realized that it still smelled heavily of her perfume. Her sweet, succulent perfume…. "Ugh," he groaned, tossing the hoodie into a laundry basket. It was no use. Ever since she'd broken up with him, he'd thrown himself into work and classes, hoping to keep his mind off of her. That solution had worked for awhile. After all, his near perfect GPA was being maintained. And besides, if he didn't go to the usual UCLA student hangouts, he'd have no chance of running
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Gossip Girl
Disclaimer: Mattel owns the Barbie doll line. The song used in this fic is "Wake Up," performed by Hilary Duff.
Gossip Girl
By Jennifer Collins
The first thought that occurred to Barbie as she woke from her trance- like slumber on Friday morning was that she wasn't with Ken anymore. They were no longer a couple. They had broken up. The second thought she had was how absurd that was. She rolled over in bed and looked at the clock. 9 am.
Barbie groaned. It had been a long time since she'd gotten out of bed that late, but today she really didn't feel like waking up. Not that she'd slept at all.
"Why don't you skip class today?" Summer, her roommate suggested.
Barbie Roberts, who had never missed a class in her life, contemplated this seriously for a moment. Finally, she shook her head. "I have to take that midterm on Thursday. I really shouldn't miss the review…"
Summer nodded sympathetically. "Well, Christie and I are going to the club tonight. You're welcome to join us." She though
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Just A Dance
Disclaimer: Mattel owns the Barbie doll line.
Just A Dance
By Jennifer Collins
Chapter 1
Barbie sat on the floor of her dorm room with her legs stretched out. She was back to back with her boyfriend, Ken. Her roommate, Summer Gordon was sprawled out on her bed with a nail polish bottle in her hand. "And tonight is the grand opening of that new club on Beech Street," Summer was saying as she shook the bottle.
Barbie grinned at Ken over her shoulder. "I think I'll wear that new pink dress I bought last weekend. What do you think?"
"Hmmm?" Ken said distractedly, looking up from a textbook.
"About Barbie's new dress," Summer said with a giggle.
Ken smiled. "I think she looks great no matter what," He replied with a quick kiss on her nose. Barbie beamed.
"Yeah, but does it match what you're wearing to the club tonight?" Summer asked, rolling her eyes.
Ken frowned. "Tonight? I have to work at the student center tonight."
Barbie's face fell. "Oh. That's okay. I really should study anyway."
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Space Man
AN: Read Artists Comment Box before you read this story/poem… Whatever it is.
As she stands on her small wooden balcony,
A small breeze brushes past her long red hair.
Her gaze suddenly moves up to the sky,
Seeing the bright white sphere up high in the darkness,
Where her beloved Space Man would be landing.
Her gaze softens into a small pout,
Just wishing to be in his arm.
She remembers her parting gift,
To remember his Desert Flower.
She suddenly feels this sensation,
Something in her heart just some how… Bloomed.
She smiles brightly somehow knowing that he misses her too.
She smiles back at the White Sphere as her brother calls her in for supper.
Knowing her Space Man is safe and sound.
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Desert Flower
AN: Read artists Comment Box before you read the story/poem… Whatever it is.
He gazes at the spud of his flower she gave him,
How he wishes so badly she could be there with him,
But alas she can't reach this high off the earth where he is now.
He sadly stares at the unbloomed flower,
Wishing somehow he could see her from where he was in space.
He sighs and looks out the window,
Close to his destination at the beautiful white sphere.
He suddenly smiles knowing he will be back to his home soon,
So he can hold his Precious Desert Flower once again,
As the flower Spud blooms into a Beautiful Yellow Flower,
Reclaiming her place as his Desert Flower.
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Jennifer Collins
Artist | Literature
United States
My name's Jenn. I love reading and writing Toy Story fanfiction. Buzz n Jessie to infinity and beyond! I'm also on here:…

Things To Know About My Toy Story Fanfiction:
1. Buzz and Jessie love each other very much.
2. Buzz Lightyear smells like peppermint.
3. Buzz is awesome at braiding hair.

An Unofficial Timeline for My Fics:

Jessie's First Year in Andy's room:
1. Girl of My Dreams/Butterflies (These two are companion fics)
2. Truth or Dare
3. First Rain
4. Give You The Stars
5. More Than Friends (This is more of a deleted scene type of thing from Give You The Stars)
6. Declaration
7. Meant to Be
8. One Night Only

Two Years After Jessie's Arrival:
9. Ferocious
10. Goodnight, Sweet Girl
11. Start All Over
12. Last Name

Five to Six Years After Jessie's Arrival:
13. Departure

Ten Years After Jessie's Arrival (Toy Story 3ish):
14. Communication
15. Promise
16. Rekindled
17. Up All Night
18. What A Toy Needs
19. Dance Lessons

20. Lightyears Away really doesn't fit into a timeline here... But then again they were mostly initially written as standalones anyway. =0)

Current Residence: USA
Favourite cartoon character: Jessie the Yodelin' Cowgirl
I've gotten a lot of inspiration lately to write more Toy Story fics. Dolly/Chuckles is a new fave pairing of mine (though still a far second to Buzz/Jessie). I've posted my first Dolly/Chuckles fic on today. It's called "It's Good to See You Smile Again" and I'm SO excited about it! As well as some more Dolly/Chuckles stuff I have in the works. I just wish I had more time to write. Grrr... I probably won't have time to bust these out until Mon/Tues. I'm going to go CRAZY until then!

On a side note, I decided to submit my Barbie fics to DA. And I have them in a separate folder. Yay for organization!
  • Reading: Toy Story Fanfiction
  • Watching: Degrassi
  • Eating: Wendy's chicken nuggets



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